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Top 5 Best Kayak Fish Finders You Can Find

Top 5 Best Kayak Fish Finders You Can Find

Kayak fishing becomes more and more popular. Among the reasons for its increasing popularity are exercise, affordability, and the healthy excitement of fishing. Try fishing from a kayak once, and you will very likely fall in love with it! If you already have a fishing kayak and want to start fishing, you need one more […]

Point 65 Martini GTX Solo Review

This is the hero of our Point 65 Martini GTX solo review - a modular kayak that boasts great space efficiency.

Swedish kayak manufacturer Point 65 isn’t particularly popular in the US just yet. However, they offer some of the most interesting kayaks we’ve ever seen! Today, we’ll have look at one of their kayaks – Point 65 Martini GTX modular kayak. Martini GTX might seem like your regular recreational/touring kayak, but it’s not – it […]