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Kayaking FAQ – Key Info To Know About Kayaking

How expensive are kayaks? Prices on kayaks range wildly. The cheapest kayaks may cost under $100, while the priciest models can cost well in excess of $1,500. It all [...]

How To Choose A Spray Skirt For A Kayak

If you own a sit-in kayak, you may have thought about buying a spray skirt for it. However, do you really need to spend money on a spray skirt? [...]

How To Transport A Kayak

You need to somehow bring your kayak to the kayaking spot, right? If you are new to kayaking, you may have never thought about this important aspect of kayaking. [...]

Can You Kayak When Pregnant?

Pregnancy can hugely change your life. What has been alright for you may no longer be such, and you will need to do things that you’ve never done before. [...]

Is Kayaking Safe? The Risks of Kayaking

No activity is risk-free. Sure, running is safer than rock climbing, but there’s always the risk of falling or spraining your ankle. Kayaking is no exception. What are the [...]

The Health Benefits of Kayaking

Any kind of physical activity is going to have its health benefits. And it’s a really important part of the experience – knowing that by having fun, you are [...]