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The Health Benefits of Kayaking

health benefits of kayaking

Any kind of physical activity is going to have its health benefits. And it’s a really important part of the experience – knowing that by having fun, you are actually doing a good thing for your body. What about kayaking? What are the health benefits of kayaking? Let’s find out below! The health benefits of […]

Kayaking With a Dog – How to Prepare for the Trip

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Kayaking can be insanely fun, so you might be thinking that allowing your dog to share the joy is a great idea! And while you should at least give kayaking with a dog a try since it can be an entirely new experience, there are many things that you need to consider before the trip. […]

Best Kayak Seat Cushion Review – Our Top 7 Picks

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Looking for the best kayak seat cushion on the market? Then buckle up, we have a lot to show to you! For today’s roundup, we’ve picked 7 seat pads for kayaks that we think are unparalleled in terms of quality and price. They are all very different from each other, so it’s likely that you […]

Kayak vs Canoe Fishing – Which is Better?

kayak vs canoe fishing

The kayak vs canoe fishing debate isn’t new. While both vessel types have many similarities, there are subtle distinctions that make them drastically different. Which is better for fishing after all – a kayak or a canoe? Let’s try to find an answer to this question. Kayak vs canoe fishing We’ve mentioned above that there […]

Kayak Storage 101 – How to Store Your Kayak

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The rack pictured above is the Malone SlingTwo double kayak storage system. You’ve had a lot of fun during the kayaking season, but now that it’s over, you need to think about properly storing your kayak. But if you are relatively new to the world of kayaking, then you probably don’t quite realize how challenging […]