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Kayak Maintenance 101

kayak maintenance

Kayak maintenance is of key importance in keeping your kayaking gear all safe and ready for your next trip. While kayaking, your equipment is exposed to a variety of damaging environmental elements, and your task is to protect your gear from them. You need to do pre-season, in-season, as well as post-season kayak maintenance to […]

10 Best Camping Kayaks Reviewed


Happen to be looking for a camping kayak? If so, then our today’s review of best camping kayaks will probably interest you. We’ve picked 10 models for our today’s material to showcase. Among them, there should be one that can satisfy your requirements. In addition, we’ll be providing you with a couple of tips on […]

Kayak vs Canoe: Which is Better?


Kayak vs canoe… Which is the better boat? Kayaking and canoeing both are highly popular water activities among Americans. But in recent years, kayaking has outgrown canoeing in popularity, according to this 2018 outdoor recreation participation report. In 2017, 9.2 million people were engaged in canoeing and 10.5 million people were engaged in just recreational […]

What to Bring For Kayaking – Kayaking Checklist

what to bring for kayaking

Kayaking requires planning. Deep planning, mind you. And aside from picking the right kayak and a paddle for it, you’d also need to know what to bring for kayaking. If that’s what you want to know, then have a look at our list of kayaking essentials! Clothing Picking the right clothing for kayaking is a […]

Where to Kayak – Attributes of a Great Kayaking Spot

where to kayak

Where to kayak? Knowing the answer to this question is as important as having great kayaking equipment. In fact, it may be even more important. Paddling in a great spot in a mediocre kayak, you probably wouldn’t even notice the downsides of your vessel and would have a great time. However, in a bad spot, […]