Top Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards of 2024 | Ultimate Comparison & Reviews Inflatable paddle boards Top Inflatable Standup Paddle Boards of 2024 | Ultimate Comparison & Reviews

The top SUPs (standup paddle board) has become quite popular and is one of the best ways to take in the beautiful outdoors. While there are many ways to enjoy the water these days, standup paddle boarding has taken off. There are options to strap a cooler to your board. Some setups are even made for fishing! Check out our guide to find the best standup paddle boards of 2024.

Standup paddle boards aren’t cheap, so the cost of making a bad buying decision can be high. To save you some time, we have done the research and picked 5 high-rated inflatable standup paddle boards for your review. Our hope is this gets you out and on to the water faster!

Standup paddle board comparison

Paddle Board Size (L x W x H) Weight Weight Capacity Price
Badfish Monarch
11' x 34" x 5" 27 lbs 260 lbs CHECK
iRocker Nautical
11'6" x 32" x 6" 22 lbs 265 lbs CHECK
11'6" x 30" x 6" 19 lbs 330 lbs CHECK
iRocker All Around
11' x 32" x 6" 26 lbs 435 lbs CHECK
Serenelife Grafitti
10'6" x 32 x 6 22 lbs 300 lbs CHECK

Our pick of the best standup paddle board

Badfish Monarch


In our opinion, Badfish Monarch is the best inflatable standup paddle board among the models we reviewed.

Yes, it is very expensive, but it could be an excellent choice for those who require versatility. And you will also appreciate it’s stability and performance! It has everything you need for the lake or ocean and will be well loved as your first board or if you’re an advanced paddler.

We know that not many people can afford such an expensive standup paddle board, so we also picked much more affordable boards. Let’s now move on to their reviews!

Standup paddle board reviews

iRocker Nautical

Key features:

  • Dual-layer Military Grade PVC.
  • 3 Flip Lock Nylon Removable Fins (1 center fin, 2 side fins).
  • Lightweight.

iRocker Nautical is a fairly solid choice of a standup paddle board. A not so expensive model, the Nautical has a number of features to boast nonetheless.

First of all, this standup paddle board is ideal for all skill levels. This versatility allows for newcomers to the sport to buy a paddle board and grow with it.

The second thing to note is the dual-layer military grade PVC. This feature leads to extra durability if you’re one who is a little harder on your equipment.

Thirdly, the iRocker Nautical has quite a good weight capacity – 265 pounds – so it can support a wide range of paddlers.

This standup paddle board has 3 flip lock nylon removable fins, 1 center fin and 2 side fins. They aren’t indestructible, unfortunately. The simple yet comfortable and soft deck pad makes for a ride and is quite versatile.

The paddle board also comes with a 3 piece fiberglass paddle and a single chamber, dual action hand pump.

If you’re looking for a paddle board that can serve beginners and more advanced paddlers, this may be the board for you.


  • Light.
  • Comfortable deck pad.


  • Fin durability.



Key features:

  • Dual-layer PVC
  • Wide deck for increased stability.
  • 3-fin system.
  • Paddle included.

In terms of features, Funwater is pretty similar to the iRocker Nautical, though there are some minor differences.

The Funwater is similar in size to the Nautical. This means that you should be able to get a comparable level of stability. This board is also lighter, though we can’t say that it is a very light model.


  • Versatile and ideal for all skill levels.
  • Low price point.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • The included paddle is too short.


iRocker All Around

Key features:

  • Triple layer military grade PVC.
  • Included paddle.
  • Carbon matte 3-piece paddle with nylon blade.

It was a tough decision to pick the winner of this review. While iRocker All Around didn’t win the day, it was a very, very close second. This is a beautiful paddle board with many great features. At the end of the day, the fin durability is the only feature that prevented it from being regarded as the best inflatable standup paddle board.

The exoskeleton of this standup paddle board is bullet proof when it comes to durability. The triple layer military grade PVC with drop stitch core allow it to hold up under the toughest of conditions.

If you are a big guy, this board is perfect for you with a weight limit of 435 lbs. This board is ideally suited for those who are 5’8″ or taller.

When it comes to stability, this paddle board appears to be rather stable when paddling, partly thanks to the wide deck.

If you’re someone who wants a good balance of speed, maneuverability & stability, the iRocker All Around might be the best option on the market.


  • Attractive price.
  • Fairly stable when surfing.
  • High weight limit for bigger riders.
  • Good amount of storage capacity.


  • Fin durability.


Serenelife Graffiti

Key features:

  • Extra wide.
  • Reinforced engineered PVC.
  • Soft anti-slip deck.

Wow! What a beautiful paddle board to look at. The Serenelife Graffiti is certainly the most visually stunning board we review.

In addition to its colorful looks, this standup paddle board offers you a variety of interesting features.

The first thing that should be noted in this standup paddle board is its versatility. This board, on one hand, could by first time paddlers just learning the sport. And on the other, this board could be used by the most seasoned paddler.

Remarkably, this paddle board is perfect for both the lake & the ocean. Throw the bag in the trunk of the car so that you’re always ready.


  • Fairly inexpensive.
  • Excellent weight capacity.
  • Can be expanded to 3 seats.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • Requires inflation.
  • Not so much storage space.


Badfish Monarch

Key features:

  • Unique exoskeleton design.
  • 6-point tie down.
  • Integrated water bottle holder.

If you’re not afraid to spend a few extra dollars, the Badfish Monarch may be the right choice for you. While not the most expensive standup paddle board on the market, it’s price point may be too much for some. However, this is one beautiful paddle board.

This paddle board does well in both flat water as well as rough. Due to the wide deck, this board is very stable without sacrificing glide.

It may sound silly, but one of the nicest features of this board is an accessory – the dual-action pump. The engineering team at Badfish specifically set out to make it as easy as possible for the users to pump up the board. This shows in the finished product.

The Badfish 3-piece paddle is a durable, no-nonsense paddle that adjusts to fit the user. It has an aluminum shaft and nylon blade. The paddle comes in 3 sections and fits conveniently within the carry bag.

And besides, this standup paddle board is heavy when comparing to the other boards we reviewed.


  • Unbreakable tri-fin.
  • Extra-wide, padded carry handle.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • Heavy.
  • Expensive.


How to pick a standup paddle board

Now that we have those 5 best inflatable standup paddle boards reviewed, you might want to know what features to look for to choose the absolute best paddle board for you.

What types of stand up paddle boards are there?

Stand up paddleboards allow you to explore rivers, lakes, oceans and more. The first question for choosing the best board is deciding how you plan to use the paddle board. Stand up paddle boards fall largely into two categories:

All-around planing hull — These boards feature a rounded nose shape, which encourages greater stability. Consider an all-around planing hull for activities such as yoga, fishing, lakes, and more leisurely paddling. Some designs can even double as a surfing board as well. Note that an all-around SUP is less suitable if you want to do long-distance paddling or racing. On the other hand, they are typically the best board option for beginners because they are easier to use.

Touring/racing displacement hull — These stand up paddle boards feature pointed tips and are more difficult to balance on. The trade-off is that they are ideal for going greater distances at a faster pace. If your heart’s desire is to explore watery environs far and wide, this might be the best option for you.

How thick should a stand up paddle board be?

The thickness of a stand up paddle board varies, especially when comparing inflatable models to standard models. SUPs average around 4 inches thick. Inflatable models are often much thicker at an average of 6 inches.

Thickness has its costs, however. The thicker a board is, the more it displaces your center of gravity and can make staying upright even trickier. When it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards, the ideal thickness is around 5 inches.

What size stand up paddle board do you need?

Your height and weight are two of the most important factors in choosing the best board for your needs. As a general rule, the less you weight, the shorter the board should be. Similarly, the taller you are (or the shorter you are) the taller or shorter your board should be. Assessing the board for weight can be done using two measurements:

Volume – Expressed in liters, the volume capacity indicates the boards’ weight capacity. The higher the volume, the higher the weight it can accommodate.

Weight capacity – This number is typically stated plainly. Remember to include in this weight capacity any gear you might be bringing with you (for example, a day bag with food and water in it).

In general, SUP board sizes fall into small (under 10 ft.), medium (10-12 ft.), and long (12.5 ft. to 14 ft.). The most popular SUP size is 10-11 feet in length with an average of 32-34 inches wide, which is ideal for beginners in particular. Boards designed for kids tend to average around 8’ long.

What is the stand up paddle board’s fin design?

The design of the board’s fin will affect the speed and maneuverability. In general, there are three types of fins.

Racing fins — Boards with racing designed fins are larger and help create that critical stability to keep a straight line without compromising speed.

Touring fins — Touring fins are focused on one thing—keeping you in a straight line as much as possible.

Regular/surfing fins — These fins are generally smaller for maneuverability. Often, boards geared toward surfing include 3 fins in a triangular pattern. This format helps keep your board more stable and from slipping down the wave.


Stability is another key characteristic of a standup paddle board.

Mainly, it is the width of the paddle board is what impacts its stability: wider boards tend to be more stable.

Included accessories

You might also want to get a board that comes with accessories like a paddle, leash, pump, or a bag. It will allow you not to worry about spending additional money on those accessories, at least initially.

But because the included accessories tend to be of not so high quality, you may need to replace them sooner or later.

The bottom line

Choosing the best stand up inflatable standup paddle board is no small investment, so make sure you are happy with whatever you choose. With the above tips, you will be well on your way to finding the right board so you can get out there on the water in no time.

Keep in mind the features that we outlines. If you find that that isn’t enough for you, feel free to do more research.

Looking for a personal floatation device as well? Then our review of PFDs may be of interest to you as well.

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