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The best kayak for fishing, Academy sports and outdoors

The best kayak for fishing, Academy sports and outdoors

Hi everybody! Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Trust us, the Pelican matrix 100x angler is well worth your time to get to know this product.

The Pelican matrix 100x angler is specially designed for fishing, academic sports and outdoor activities.

Pelican International is the leading manufacturer of kayaks in North America.

The Pelican matrix 100x angler has a number of advantages worth mentioning.

Technical data Pelican matrix 100x angler

The kayak is made of double sheet thermoformed polyethylene.

Studying the characteristics of a kayak, first of all, we pay attention to its specific weight. The lighter the kayak, the better, but care should also be taken to ensure that the lightness of the kayak was not at the expense of its strength.

Thermoforming, or TST, is the material that makes the kayak lighter and stiffer than other polyethylene boats.

One of the reasons for this is that TST allows to use a higher grade of plastic than other manufacturing methods.

In fact, high molecular weight polyethylene is the basis of the famous Ram X material. This plastic is of higher quality, which makes the kayak more durable. The kayak made from this plastic will serve for many years.

The hull of Pelican matrix 100x angler

Let’s walk through the kayak as a whole to take a closer look at some of its features. Let’s start with the hull. The Pelican matrix 100x angler is a shallow V-shaped hull.

This hull, due to its V-shape, provides a balance between boat speed and stability.

The kayak is equipped with front and rear handles for easy transport.

There is a sealed hatch in the bow, just flip the latch and you have access to the waterproof storage area.

The kayak has a cockpit with a molded cockpit table with a bottle holder and two open side compartments.

This model is equipped with a swivel rod holder in the front, and two of the same rod in the back. And knee pads, on either side of the cockpit, soften the inner edges for added comfort while rowing.

The kayak is equipped with a comfortable padded seat or go Lite and an adjustable padded backrest.

The stern of Pelican matrix 100x angler

Here at the stern is a storage platform with elastic cords to secure. There is also a drain plug here so you can easily drain water that collects during normal boat use.

Inside the kayak, you will find easily adjustable footrests that support and secure your foot, giving you a confident rowing position.

Simply slide the footpegs forward or backward for the perfect fit.

Final Words

The Pelican matrix 100x angler combines great looks and high-end performance that will impress even the most demanding rowers, and a new hull design ensures the excellent performance of a 10ft boat.

The best kayak for fishing, Academy sports and outdoors

Pelican Matrix 100X Angler Kayak

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