Point 65 Martini GTX Solo Review

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Swedish kayak manufacturer Point 65 isn’t particularly popular in the US just yet. However, they offer some of the most interesting kayaks we’ve ever seen! Today, we’ll have look at one of their kayaks – Point 65 Martini GTX modular kayak.

Martini GTX might seem like your regular recreational/touring kayak, but it’s not – it has one very interesting feature that sets it apart from others. This feature is so big that it may be a huge decision point for some people!

With that, let’s get started with our Point 65 Martini GTX Solo review to understand what it has to offer!

Is There Such A Thing As A Universal Kayak?

Yes and no.

The thing is that the choice of a kayak depends on your needs and where you are intending to paddle – whether in a sea, lake, or river.

You could find a universal kayak for a given narrow environment, e.g. a lake. A kayak that is great in lakes will likely be great for touring, fishing, and other uses.

But there are no kayaks that will work in any environment. For example, a kayak for a lake will most likely be inconvenient and even dangerous in a stormy river.

Thus, it would be wiser to select a kayak according to your individual preferences.

Point 65 Martini GTX, in our opinion, would work wonderfully in calm waters. As a recreational-style kayak, it’s the best for traveling, but you could also theoretically use it for fishing (but it wouldn’t be ideal).

With that, Martini GTX is a good choice for traveling on water, perhaps even for journeys that span several days!

Point 65 Martini GTX Solo Review & Features

Now, let’s talk about the key features that make Point 65 Martini GTX.

Modular Design

The highlight of the Point 65 Martini GTX kayak is the modular design. You can see what the modular design is from product images.

Martini GTX is made up of two halves, which makes it essentially a kayak that can be disassembled. What this rather unique design allows for is more convenient transportation – most importantly, in your car.

When disassembled, Martini GTX will fit in the trunk of many SUVs. So if you aren’t comfortable with the idea of transporting a heavy kayak on the roof, this kayak is a pretty nice option.

The front section of the kayak measures roughly 70.47 inches in length, while the back section is about 55.91 inches. When fully assembled, Martini GTX is 9 feet 4 inches long – pretty typical for a recreational kayak.

As for weight, each section weighs roughly 24.3 pounds, whereas the kayak is 48.5 pounds when assembled – rather light for a kayak of this size.

Assembling the kayak is very simple – you just snap the halves together. Note that the halves sit a little loose, but don’t worry – the kayak will float just like a regular, single-piece one.

Notably, Martini GTX is also available in a tandem variant that has an additional mid piece with the second seat. Measuring about 64.17 inches, the mid section increases the length of Martini GTX to 13 feet 8 inches, which effectively makes it a touring kayak.

The tandem GTX is a few hundred dollars more expensive than the solo one. However, you don’t have to spend all the money now.

You may first purchase the solo kayak and then, if necessary, purchase the mid section separately. This is a good way to save money if your budget is tight.

Sit-In Construction

As you could’ve noticed, Martini GTX is a sit-in kayak as well. If you didn’t know, this implies a few pros and cons:

If you’re specifically looking for a sit-in kayak, then the cons won’t matter much.

Cargo Compartments

In terms of cargo space, here’s what Martini GTX has:

If you aren’t a big kayaker, then there also may be some free space left in the cockpit between your legs.

We wouldn’t say that Martini GTX is exceptional in terms of storage, but it’s not weak either. It offers a rather typical storage layout that will work for most people, and that’s nice.

Seating & Comfort

The comfort in the Martini GTX kayak is very good – better than what we typically see in recreational kayaks.

The seat here is particularly interesting – it has a backrest called AIR-Backrest. This backrest is inflatable and allows you to adjust how soft or hard it feels. Air is adjusted via an integrated bulb (looks like bulbs in blood pressure monitors) to the right-hand side of the seat.

The backrest may also be shifted to the right or left, as well as brought forward for increased comfort for kayakers of different heights and body types.

The cockpit opening is pretty big too, so most people should not have any issues with getting in and out of the kayak.

To the sides of the cockpit where your knees go, there also is a pair of knee pads that cover the opening and extend onto the inside of the hull. With these pads, you can push into the kayak with your knees without pain or strain.

Control & Tracking

In terms of control and tracking, Martini GTX is a recreational kayak with an accent on stability.

With a width of 27.6 inches, this kayak will be pretty stable on the water, especially compared to the narrowest recreational kayaks out there (down to 25-26 inches). But it certainly won’t be the most stable among recreational kayaks (some kayaks reach up to 30 inches, offering way better stability).

The bottom of the kayak is also wide and flat, which allows for excellent primary stability – in other words, Martini GTX will be very difficult to tip. Apart from that, the hull has very little rocker (i.e. it’s not curved), which will allow for great overall stability.

With a length of 9 feet 4 inches, Martini GTX should track (that is, go straight forward when you paddle) well too. On the other hand, it won’t be too maneuverable, although the foot-operated rudder will make turning a little easier.

Accessories & Replacement Parts

Finally, what we absolutely love about Martini GTX and Point 65 in general is the abundance of offered kayaking accessories and replacement parts. You can purchase spare rudders, skegs, drain plugs, hatches, and everything else if you ever need replacement parts. And more importantly, you won’t have to opt for questionable third-party components to get your kayak up and running again.

Disadvantages In Point 65 Martini GTX

As for disadvantages, we’d like to point out two in Martini GTX:

With all that said, these aren’t too serious disadvantages and don’t take away from the fact that Martini GTX all-around is an excellent recreational/touring kayak.

Final Words

As our Point 65 Martini GTX Solo review has shown, Martini GTX is an all-around excellent kayak that offers no worse performance than many other recreational kayaks out there. Moreover, its modular design allows for exceptional space efficiency, while the hull shape will keep it stable.

In future iterations of this product, we’d like to see carrying handles on the side too – this would make transporting Martini GTX much more convenient! Hopefully, Point 65 keeps a close eye on internet feedback and will think about adding this small yet important feature to Martini GTX.

Author: Jimmy Hurff

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